General Electric selects SemanticGuide as a corporate standard for providing intelligent advisory systems for Jenbacher

GE facilitiesJenbacher, GE's gas engine division, has selected ontoprise as supplier for an expert system to improve their worldwide customer service. The software system, Service Expert System (SES), is a service advisory system based on the proven SemanticGuide from ontoprise. SES will be an important part of the Jenbacher product line improvements to their worldwide customer service. For GE (General Electric) a main feature of the system was SES ability to be mobile and used offline. The worldwide Jenbacher service team will now be able to access the company knowledge base on their laptop without needing an online connection.

"The fact that a global company such as GE has chosen SemanticGuide as a standard application shows the reputation that ontoprise now holds in the market. Our technology turns the knowledge held by a normal service technician to that of an expert. This gives immeasurable value to companies with huge worldwide service network", says Hans-Peter Schnurr, CEO of ontoprise.

"SemanticGuide from ontoprise contributes to further optimise our customer service. The solution allows us to transfer knowledge very quickly to our global service teams which leads to faster troubleshooting, and thus higher customer satisfaction", added Axel Dancker, Global Service Leader Jenbacher gas engines, GE Energy.

Read the full press release. More information about the SemanticGuide system can be found on our website.

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