CyberForum launches a subnetwork called "SaaS4KMU"

Logo CyberForumThe CyberForum Karlsruhe, one of the biggest regional high-tech corporate networks, launched the "Saas4KMU" subnetwork. SaaS stands for "Software as a Service". The IT industry will offer it as a strategy in order to meet the new of the clients regarding the flexible cost structure and increased scope of functions. It means that there is no more need to install the software on one's own computer or server. Instead, it can be accessed via network or, in most cases, via Internet. The browser can be used to access the respective software and data. In such case, no license has to be purchased. Twelve other companies, including ontoprise, Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), team up with the CyberForum Karlsruhe to combine skills, capacities and resources for development and use of innovative SaaS solutions. Such value creating partnership will allow the achievement of the goal, which is to become a joint market leader. "We wanted to create a network that could exist internationally. It is important for us to strengthen the coherence between the KMU and the research facilities. Especially the technology transfer should be supported here", explains David Hermanns, the manager at the CyberForum e.V. A platform that will be provided via the network in cooperation with the partners will enable the promotion of information, cooperation, qualification upgrading and project support. With the help of the joint forces, it will be possible to obtain and process the supported projects as well as big industrial projects.

For more information about the Saas4KMU go to the CyberForum website or send us an email at info@ontoprise.com.

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